Switzerland will present their gold production sustainable approach at PERUMIN 33

In Switzerland block at PERUMIN 33 International Meeting, a panel discussion will be held with a representative from Better Gold Initiative (BGI)

Last April, Peru and Switzerland signed agreements to support artisanal miners, improve public finances and climate change. By doing so, they reaffirmed their willingness to consolidate even stronger political, economic, commercial, cultural, and cooperation bonds between these countries.

The IIMP will present four economic studies during PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention.

The mining event will gather 68 000 participants and 04 economic studies to be discussed.

Peruvian mining is again in a good time, thanks to the recovery of metals price. A proof of this is the mass response to the 33 edition of PERUMIN Mining Convention, one of the most important mining events in the world that will be held from September 18 through 22 at the campus of the Public University of San Agustín of Arequipa.

Arequipa people may offer lodging to the attendants to PERUMIN 33 until June 30.

June 30 is the deadline to announce in a modern minisite of the Mining mega event.

The Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP) informs the residents of Arequipa that on June 30 is the deadline to advertise at no expense their ads on the modern minisites to rent lodging for the thousands of visitors that will participate at PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention from September 18 through 22 at the campus of the Public University of San Agustín.

Finland is the leader in sustainable mining and will be present in PERUMIN 33.

The expert stated that the Finnish government is very interested in Peru because of its great geological and economic potential.

Finland is not only a country known in the world for its successful educative model, but also for outstanding in other sectors, such in mining, where have been positioned itself into the market, thanks to its technology and innovation with the development of sustainable solutions.