Stated the regional governor of Arequipa, Yamila Osorio, about the iron project of the Chinese mining company Jinzhao Mining that shall start operations by 2021.

As a mediator, the regional government of Arequipa has foreseen this year to strengthen the good relations between Bella Unión (Caravelí) community and the Chinese company Jinzhao Mining to make the progress of the mining project Pampa de Pongo viable. With a 1.5 billion dollars’ investment, the company should start construction in the last quarter of 2017.

This was said to the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP) by the regional governor Yamila Osorio, who also committed her support to ensure the success of PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention, a mining event organized by the IIMP, that will be held again, for its second time, at the campus of the Universidad Nacional de San Agustín (UNSA) from September 18 through 22.

What do you think about this new edition of PERUMIN Mining Convention?

It is already creating expectations. This year, the conditions are more positive to celebrate this great mining meeting. An increase in the metal prices is perceived, which ensures to achieve a higher goal, regarding the number of visitors and Conventionists, different from 2015. The city is ready to welcome the thousands of participants, our services are more sophisticated, we continue working to improve the infrastructure and, of course, we rely on the warmth of the people to have a successful convention.

What is the importance of mining for Arequipa?

Throughout the last few years, it has been proved that the economic growth is closely related to mining, which activates other productive sectors, as an indirect impact with the creation of jobs, not only for Arequipa but also for the South of the country. Arequipa is a connecting hub, of integration for the Macro Southern Regional, and the fact of having the convention in this area, where most of the mining deposits are, clearly reassert our mining tradition as a country.

Arequipa has a huge mining potential with projects such as Tía María and others; what would the regional government do to reactivate the mining investments?

This year, due to PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention we have peculiar conditions. First, the expansion of Cerro Verde (Freeport-McMoRan) is already in production, as well as Tambomayo mine operations (Compañía de Minas Buenaventura) started recently and the construction of Pampa de Pongo mine site, in Caravelí, is scheduled for this year. About Tía María and other projects, I think that as long as conditions are generated, everything is possible.

Nowadays, much more efforts from the public and private sectors are being done - together with the Academy, such as the UNSA - to carry out these projects. In this sense, we can say that PERUMIN perfectly represents the expectations to develop new mining projects in the south of the country.

How is the regional government working to develop the Pampa de Pongo project?

We are working in the social relationship with the company and the community through their representatives. We will start with some roads improvement projects in Bella Unión, that is the direct influence area of Pampa Pongo. Truly, the progress is of the utmost importance for all, thanks to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC) we met with the senior managers of the mining company and it is estimated to start the construction this year. This will have a positive impact for Arequipa regarding growth and jobs generation.

Please, tell us about your visit to Canada to attend the Road Show Infrastructure were regional governors also meet.

During this event, the importance of good relations among communities and mining companies was discussed since they ensure mining projects viability. In the case of Arequipa, we have the successful history of Tambomayo, where the regional government played a decisive role in the mediation to achieve progress and a social contribution that will benefit all.

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