Disal: “Innovation is the foundation of the environmental products and services we offer”

This was stated by Raúl Monge Jurado, assistant manager of Development and Corporate Accounts of Corporación Disal.

Thanks to its broad nationwide coverage, the company can assist diverse industries in their requirements for environmental products and services. Its entire offer is focused on offering innovative solutions with the support of a highly qualified team. This was asserted by Raúl Monge Jurado, assistant manager of Development and Corporate Accounts of Corporación Disal.

What kind of services does Disal offer in the national market? What kind of industries do you mainly work with?

Corporación Disal has more than 45 years of creation, and in Peru, more than 24 years of services becoming the pioneer company in this type of services and with the largest national presence. The services we provide are: integral management of solid and liquid waste (hazardous and non-hazardous); rental of portable toilets and toilet trailers; waste and effluent treatment (composting); soil remediation; water treatment division; road irrigation; and water supply.

The construction industry plays an important role in our economy so we are focused on maximizing its development with the services we have developed for this sector, in addition to that we work with the iron and steel, textile, food and other industries.

What is the current situation of the market for environmental services in the country?

The market is currently improving, this is due to the strengthening of State institutions with the creation of environmental laws and regulations, which should ensure the preservation of the environment and the health of its inhabitants, as well as raising awareness on the part of companies.

We stand out for our national coverage (15 branches), which are strategically located from Tumbes to Tacna. We are also constantly in search and development of new technologies, actively participating in international forums and fairs with a highly qualified and motivated team for innovation.

As indicated above, we consolidated our service portfolio with Real Baños companies (event specialist), Ingeclean (innovative sanitary engineering, integrated pest management, industrial) and Suatrans (emergency response, training), which are a clear sign of our projections and aspirations.

What expectations do you have regarding PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention?

Being strategic partners of PERUMIN we have very high expectations, the association of our brand to this great event is a guarantee of quality and efficiency. We will show part of our DNA by providing our services, we are interested in how the market validates the quality with which the Disal Group develops the business and the constant innovation that encompasses all areas, products and services we provide. We want to reinforce the concept of the services we offer because we have an important portfolio of solutions related to integral waste management.

What is the importance of PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention in the current situation?

In recent years, we have seen a decline in mining projects. In this sense, PERUMIN, with its new edition, as it is the most important mining event in the country, plays a fundamental role in bringing together actors in the sector to reverse this situation.

What are Disal plans for the medium and long term? Would you do some type of investment?

In general, we are always opening branches and awarding new projects. Today, having great national coverage, there are a few big cities where we want to be present very soon. Our desire is to continue growing in what we are, constituting us with unquestionable solidity in an "integral environmental solution", recognized by all our clients.

Until now, Grupo Disal has been associated with the waste transport service. However, for some months now, our vision has been adjusted, technical-economic studies and assessments have been drafted to structure our task based on waste pretreatment and treatment.

We have planned a USD 9 million investment, which will allow us to implement technologies associated with integral waste management, renew the vehicle fleet and constantly train our human resources.