The Integration Meeting of PERUMIN 33 will thank Mother Earth

The sacred ceremony to thank Mother Earth will be held on September 21 within PERUMIN 33 framework that will be held in Arequipa.

To keep reassessing and rescuing values and traditions from the Andean culture, within the Integration Meeting (Companions’ Program before) of PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention, an offer to the Pachamama or Mother Earth will be celebrated to thank that our country is still rich and to ask that the mining meeting will be carried out with much success.

The tribute to Mother Earth is a reciprocity rite between the material and spiritual world, the human beings and nature. Nowadays, it endures and gains importance not only in the Andean area but in the urban societies too. It is a sacred act, that is why an Andean priest or female priest (Ñusta) is needed, it is like a mass for Catholics.

This ritual that will be held on September 21 in the gardens of Libertador Hotel, Selva Alegre (Arequipa) will carry the attendants to a mystical place and will provide them with an emotional and of spiritual healing experience. During the session, the importance of the female role in communication, development and encounter with the divine will be highlighted.

Noted dignitaries of Arequipa, as well as the Canadian, German and other ambassadors will be invited to the Mother Earth gratitude ceremony. It is worth mentioning that participants may also make their wishes.

Gratitude Ceremony

The Ñusta, Luciana Stiglich, will lead this magical ceremony and will do, on behalf of PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention, the offer called “dispatch”, accompanied by sicuris (typical Andean musicians) that will participate with their songs and flutes.

The ceremony will be surrounded by Alpacas and an older than 100 years’ turtle, fire; it will be decorated with flowers, coca leaves, precious metals and different nature elements that will be part of a dispatch to be buried as an offer.


  • The ancient Peruvians developed a close relationship with the nature of respect, fear and adoration. Men and animals exclusively depended on what the Earth produced and offered, this originated the need to state their veneration to Mother Earth as the source for life.
  • During the Integration Meeting the PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention lecturers’ companions will enjoy during three half-days an attractive program to enjoy the mining activities and the traditional spirit of Arequipa.
Last modified on 18 Aug 2017