IIMP fosters the creation of the first International Mining Research Centre in Peru.

The Centre infrastructure would be completed in about two years and will be located in Characato district.

In order to provide effective solutions to the demands of the Peruvian mining sector, the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP) will foster the creation of the first International Mining Research Centre to be developed in Peru by its strategic partner: Universidad Nacional de San Agustín (UNSA) in Arequipa.

Therefore, last Wednesday June 14, Eng. Antonio Samaniego, on behalf of IIMP, had a meeting with the delegation of experts from Lulea University of Technology from Sweden, responsible for advising on this project development and strategy, together with UNSA representatives led by research vice-chancellor Dr. Horacio Barreda to discuss outlines and main objectives of this ambitious education project.

Among researchers in this project, we have Dr. Bernhard Dold (Applied Geochemistry professor), Dr. Hakan Schunnesson (Rock Mechanics and Mines professor), Thorkild Rasmussen (Geophysics professor), Dr. Toblas Bauer (Geology professor), Dr. Bertil Palsson (Mineral Processing professor). Experts will prepare a report on design, cost, and implementation of labs for the research centre, each on their own specialty.


During the meeting at the office of UNSA’s Chancellor, Eng. Samaniego made a presentation on the “Gaps between supply and demand of mining engineers, metallurgists, and geologists”. This qualitative-quantitative study analyses reality in Peruvian universities and provides recommendations to improve competitiveness in these tracks so as to help the economic development of the country.

The International Mining Research Centre infrastructure would be completed in about two years and will be located in Characato district.

Meetings with the Swedish delegation continued until Friday June 15, where the first report was presented regarding planning, implementation, equipment, and execution of the International Research Centre.

Upon conclusions of this delegation, terms of reference will be defined so as to invite to public bidding for prefeasibility studies and start construction of the building through the modality Works for Taxes (OxI in Spanish).


  • UNSA and Lulea University of Technology signed a long-term Cooperation Agreement for mining research and education in October 2016. This includes the construction of this research centre as well as a student exchange program for students in masters or doctorate programs.
  • During the meeting, a presentation was also made: “Mine Planning for Modern Peruvian Mining” by specialist and consultant Dionisio Povis.
  • Within the framework of the New University Act, the first Mining Research Masters studies will start in 2018. It will have a grant fund to make progress in a number of research projects while the premises are being implemented.
  • One of the objectives is to make a team of professors for the International Mining Research Centre. In order to do this, members of UNSA faculty will be prepared and national and foreign professors will be invited.