Governors of Regional Association of the Andes will participate in PERUMIN 33


In the Social Meeting of the mining megaevent to take place in September in Arequipa.

The governors of the Regional Association of the Andes will participate PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention international event, organized by the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers (IIMP), to discuss and outline the common agenda for the following years regarding social progress and economic growth related to mining activity.

The organizer of the event announced that we will have Wilber Venegas, regional governor of Apurimac and president of the Regional Association of the Andes, Fernando Cillóniz regional governor of Ica, Glodoaldo Álvarez, regional governor of Huancavelica, together with Diego Macera, general manager of the Peruvian Institute of Economy (IPE in Spanish).

All of them will be part of the panel discussion “Association of the Andes and Development" to be held on September 21 in the Social Meeting, a space to exchange ideas, where several players from the private and public sector will be present together with the civil society and communities to participate through constructive dialogue to present viable proposals that contribute to the sustainable development of the country. The debate will be chaired by communicator and political analyst Alfonso Baella.

The Regional Association of the Andes (MRDLA) is composed of the regional governments of Apurímac, Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Ica and Junin. Established on April 14, 2012, this association is intended to promote integration, regional development and participation of society through public service rendering together with strategic investment execution.

In the last year, the main social actions the association has presented are proposals for social use of water, water canon, interregional investment projects on planting and harvesting water among the regions of Huancavelica, Ica and Ayacucho and in headwaters of rivers Ica Pisco, Río Grande through the Regional Bureau of Agriculture of Ica, among others.


  • The Social Meeting of PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention is chaired by Eng. Jorge Merino, former minister of Energy and Mines.
  • This edition of PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention will include 320 lecturers, both national and international.
Last modified on 21 Aug 2017