As the President of PERUMIN 33 - Mining Convention Organizing Committee I am honored to continue strengthening one of the events that makes history in the mining world and that has turned Peru into a destination of major opportunities.

In this new edition, our goal is not only to show the latest mining technological progress but to offer effective solutions to the main problems our Peruvian mining sector faces. Some of the main challenges are: the start-up of a mining project, the improvement of the quality of life of communities related to the mining sector and the protection of the environment.

Each of our academic and business meetings and our high-level lecturers will enable a dialogue, reflection, opinion exchange and an enriching debate that will make our new Mining Convention in Arequipa the best opportunity for synergies in the global mining sector.

Under the motto “Mining: Competitiveness and Sustainability” we have prepared an appealing activities program for this edition.

For the first time, we will present the Mining Business Summit, an opportunity where important authorities, businessmen and experts will actively discuss the most important topics of the national and international mining agenda; in addition, the current situation of the industry, markets, projects and surrounding will be analyzed. All of this with a view into the future and focusing on the challenge of being competitive and sustainable.

During the Technology and Innovation Meeting - considered the core of PERUMIN Mining Convention because of its important contribution to the national mining sector - more than 170 technical papers will compete for the National Mining Award, top award granted by the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers.

With the Logistics Meeting, our objective is that mining companies, suppliers, contractors and operators can work together to reduce operative costs and to be more efficient, productive and innovative. Therefore, we have prepared an important qualitative study about the mining logistic situation in Peru.

On the other hand, the Social Meeting will gather several experts from the public and private sector to participate, through a constructive dialogue, with viable proposals that contribute to sustainable development; reflection and discussion about these proposals will focus on the roles the different stakeholders play to achieve sustainability.

Likewise, the Environmental Meeting will address the main challenges about water management and its efficient use in the mining industry, together with the need of expanding our view on the climate change and the scope of different actions implemented by our sector. All of this without ignoring the successful stories regarding new ways to respond to mining liabilities and turn them into assets.

During the Legal and Tax Meeting the competitiveness of the regional countries in mining taxation and permitting will be addressed. Regarding the national situation, tax treatment applied to mining will be reviewed and analyzed, together with the evolution of the Mining Regulatory Regime and what is needed in this industry to attract new investment.

The other relevant meetings are: International Meeting, a platform that will be the perfect showcase for the main countries related to mining industry, interested in sharing their progress in the mining world; and the Integration Meeting - Companions’ Program in the past - that will provide its attendants with the opportunity of experiencing, first hand, the mining activity and the traditional spirit of the White City.

Finally, the Mining Technological Fair – EXTEMIN – that is a privileged opportunity to strengthen the mining value chain and that will host more than 1000 national and international supplying companies who will show their products and share their novelties in equipment and services, as well as the new technological progress in the mining industry.

This gathering will be an excellent platform to align the different views on the key importance of mining for the country’s future. With this shared vision, I would like to invite you to join us in this 33 edition of PERUMIN Mining Convention, an excellent opportunity to show that the mining sector contributes to the sustainable development of our country.

See you in Arequipa from September 18 to 22, 2017!

Sincerely yours,
Eva Arias de Sologuren
President of the Organizing Committee
PERUMIN 33rd Mining Convention