The Mining and Technological Exhibition Fair EXTEMIN (hereinafter, “EXTEMIN”), specialized fair of the mining sector, is the technological exhibition that takes place within PERUMIN - 33 Mining Convention (hereinafter the “Event”), organized by the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers, hereinafter called THE IIMP. This Exhibitors’ Regulations is a comprehensive part of the Agreement for Assignment for Use signed by THE IIMP and by whom will exhibit its goods or products at EXTEMIN or through the International Operator, hereinafter, either case, called THE EXHIBITOR. THE EXHIBITOR shall follow these regulations for the normal development of his/her participation, and it is mandatory to comply with these regulations entirely. The contractual relationship created between THE EXHIBITOR and THE IIMP for the display of goods or products and for the assignment of use of modules includes the provisions of this Regulation of Exhibitors and in the Agreement for Assignment for Use subscribed to this effect, and any other provision issued by THE IIMP in his capacity as organizer of the event. It is also worth to mention that THE EXHIBITOR is obliged to return to one (01) copy of the Agreement for Assignment for Use duly signed.

1. IIMP.

The term Institute or THE IIMP used herein refers to the Peruvian Institute of Mining Engineers, its offices or employees that represent it in the organization of EXTEMIN and the Event.


Arequipa, FROM September 18 to 22, 2017, at the Universidad de San Agustín (San Agustin Public University) located at Calle Paucarpata S/N, Fundo Cercado, District of Cercado, Province and Department of Arequipa.

Day Hr
Monday 18 from 12:00 to 18:00
Tuesday 19 from 09:00 to 18:00
Wednesday 20 from 09:00 to 18:00
Thursday 21 from 09:00 to 18:00
Friday 22 from 09:00 to 13:00

He represents THE IIMP in all cases before THE EXHIBITOR and is the one in charge of supervising the compliance of EXTEMIN provisions.


This term refers to any Peruvian or foreign individual, or any legal entity incorporated in Peru or abroad, that has entered into an Agreement for Assignment for Use with THE IIMP, in order to hold a space of one (01) or more modules (hereinafter “Modules”) at EXTEMIN.
An International Operator will be understood as the Chambers of Commerce, Embassies, Consulates or any international entity acting as a representative of their country of origin before EXTEMIN and that is willing to participate of EXTEMIN, either by themselves or gathering companies, associations, unions or similar related to mining in their country of origin to participate as exhibitors at EXTEMIN (hereinafter, “Indirect Exhibitors”).
THE EXHIBITOR, as an International Operator, will be the sole responsible for his/her liabilities, under any title, with the Indirect Exhibitors. In such a way that there will not be a relationship binding THE IIMP to the Indirect Exhibitors by virtue of the obligations or rights that THE EXHIBITORS and the Indirect Exhibitors maintain. In this case, THE EXHIBITOR commits and liberates THE IIMP from any claim, contingency, sanction or others for the relationship that may be created between THE EXHIBITOR and Indirect Exhibitors. Leaving open the possibility of THE IIMP to recover from THE EXHIBITOR a payment in case he/she gets involved in any of the above-mentioned events.
On the other hand, THE EXHIBITOR, as International Operator will be jointly liable in case of contingencies, non-compliance, damages and other events that may occur regarding the behavior of the Indirect Exhibitors at EXTEMIN and the Event, since the time of the communication informing about the participation of the Indirect Exhibitor until the end of it, they shall assume the liabilities as if they were THE EXHIBITOR.


The IIMP reserves the right of accepting the participation of any company, product or service in EXTEMIN, based on the Event’s policy. For this, any of the interested may visit the offices of THE IIMP to receive information and to be aware of all the conditions and guidelines stated herein in order to assess their admission to the event.
In case an interested party would like to become an exhibitor of the Event, and after being assessed by THE IIMP, he or she shall sign an Agreement for Assignment for Use (hereinafter, the “Agreement”), that will generate a first invoice corresponding to the first installment to be paid for the Module. As soon as THE EXHIBITOR received the invoice, he or she shall have up to seven (07) business days to pay it. After such term, in case of non-compliance, THE EXHIBITOR’s registration shall be invalid and he or she will be losing all participation right, together with any amount of money delivered as partial or total payment for the Modules.
THE EXHIBITOR that intends to participate by showing heavy or big equipment at their modules, such as tractors, forklifts, trucks, etc., shall coordinate with THE IIMP, and respect the specific times stated for that, in order to ease the entrance to the fair area of all their equipment, prior to your registration as an exhibitor at the Event.


EXTEMIN modules have different categories, outside and inside the fair area (hereinafter, “Module”). A Module is the measure unit that is determined for the space assignment. A Module is the exhibition area hired by THE EXHIBITOR, comprising one (01) r more Modules. For a better explanation, please refer to the Exhibit regarding the Modules characteristic, per category.

A Interior Preferencial
  • Measure Unit 9m²
B Corner
  • Measure Unit 27m²
PAVILIONS 2, 3 and 4
A Preferential Indoors
  • Measure Unit 6m²
B Standard Indoors
  • Measure Unit 6m²
C Corner
  • Measure Unit 16m²
A Outdoors (Heavy Machinery)
  • Measure Unit 20 m²

THE EXHIBITOR shall not assign or sublet under any title nor partially or totally the rented area. Failure to comply shall originate the automatic termination of the Agreement and the devolution of the Module duly empty to THE IIMP. The amount paid by THE OPERATOR shall be withheld by THE IIMP as a penalty for the non-compliance with the provisions stated herein. The hired area shall be assign or sublet by THE EXHIBITOR in case the latter is considered as an International Operator, according to what is stated herein. In this case the automatic termination and the penalty for breach shall not apply, provided that the assignee or sub lessee complies with the provisions outlined in the Contract and herein.


Each exhibitor shall appoint in writing, at the registration process, a representative before THE IIMP. THE EXHIBITOR already recognizes as valid any management, request or agreement that his or her representative performs on their behalf before THE IIMP.


The exhibition of running equipment and samples should be notified by THE EXHIBITOR to THE IIMP prior the sign of the Agreement in order to be authorized by the Head of EXTEMIN. This approval should be granted only if these equipment do not represent any danger for participants, visitors or facilities of the fair venue, according to the safety criteria considered by THE IIMP. In such case, THE IIMP shall indicate THE EXHIBITOR the areas where such running equipment can be exhibit and the rules that must be followed for such exhibition. The entrance and exit of goods is not allowed as soon as EXTEMIN has been opened to the public. Likewise, the entrance of heavy machinery to the Indoor Pavilions is not permitted, or to any other place unless specified by THE IIMP.
In addition, the use of musical instruments, sound amplification equipment, except for audiovisual presentations, in which case the volume cannot in any case exceed 70 decibels and should not interfere with the normal development of EXTEMIN will not be allowed upon discretion of THE IIMP. Without prejudice of this, THE IIMP, as the organizer, reserves its rights of allowing a different amount of decibels during the development of the Event. It is strictly forbidden to play music at the Modules. THE EXHIBITOR will assume full and exclusive responsibility for any breach against APDAYC, UNIMPRO or other collective management society of copyright or others, and any sanctioning body in connection with such rights; and to protect THE IIMP from any sanction or prejudice because of the act of THE EXHIBITOR.


The entrance of samples for the exhibition will be allowed as a temporary custody, THE EXHIBITOR will be responsible to comply with the current customs regulations in force. We suggest to pursue this, at least, four (04) months in advance.


In the case THE EXHIBITOR does commercial transactions during the event; it will be his or her responsibility to comply with the current tax and customs regulations in force. It is not allowed the unitary sale, in other words, to deliver products during the exhibition at the Event venue.
In this sense, THE EXHIBITOR commits and liberates THE IIMP from any claim, contingency, sanction or others for the consumption relationship that may be created between THE EXHIBITOR and attendants to the event. Leaving open the possibility of THE IIMP to recover from THE EXHIBITOR a payment in case he/she gets involved in any of the above-mentioned events.


THE EXHIBITOR is obliged to open the module every day half an hour before serving the public and have enough personnel for public attention until the closing time of the Event. THE EXHIBITOR shall provide the Head of EXTEMIN with the identification details of his or her personnel that will attend the Modules, together with their reliefs, if any. It is not allowed hiring minors. For environmental control and hygiene, eating at the Modules is forbidden. Also, THE EXHIBITOR shall have a complaints book according to applicable regulations.


IIMP, in order to safeguard the image of PERUMIN - 33 Mining Convention as well as to take care of the quality standards of EXTEMIN - which THE EXHIBITOR is a part of - establishes the following parameters that must be considered in relation to the personnel that shall be in charge of the attention to the public at EXTEMIN:
During the service shift, the hired personnel must demonstrate order, good manners, service attitude in their relationship with visitors, and dress soberly according to the professionalism and seriousness of the event as well as the company they are representing to. The clothing can use the institutional colors of the EXHIBITOR and shall be financed and directly provided by it to its hired personnel.
IIMP may make remarks regarding the clothing of the personnel hired by the EXHIBITOR to attend its stand, which do not comply with the defined parameters in order to maintain the sobriety of the event.


The distribution or display of merchandising or publicity shall be only made at the Modules of THE EXHIBITOR. Costumed characters are not allowed to wander at the fair area, or located at doors, and giving out flyers. Also, hostesses or personnel of THE EXHIBITOR are not allowed at hallways or outside the Modules.
The use of inflatable advertising elements or of any other type inside or outside adjacent to the site must be approved by THE IIMP. If failure of compliance, THE EXHIBITOR shall pay THE IIMP a penalty of thirty percent (30%) of the value of the leased area, and in the case in question of sponsors, they also lose all their benefits.
They may also not show promotional material which has been prohibited in accordance with the current legal provisions in force or that undermine national sovereignty, public order and decency. It is forbidden to do political propaganda or other cause beyond the commercial or service offered and that are not strictly related to the purpose of the Event.
Draws and raffles promoted by exhibitors must have the prior approval of the Head of EXTEMIN and must comply with current legal regulations, this it why it shall be informed two (02) months in advance for security reasons, approval and internal control. Such draws or raffles can be made only within the modules area and participants cannot be placed in corridors and other circulation areas or of common public use. THE EXHIBITOR will assume full and exclusive responsibility for any breach while carrying out these draws or raffles, and is obliged to protect THE IIMP from any sanction or prejudice because of the act of THE EXHIBITOR and even in front of the attendants to the Event or their staff.


The modules decoration is responsibility of THE EXHIBITOR, furniture, accessories and other decorative items should be presented in optimum conditions, flammable material is not allowed and, at all times, applicable safety standards must be followed. The IIMP shall have the authority and discretion to, in order to maintain safety, order and image of the Event, may order, if needed, the replacement, relocation or new decoration elements implemented in modules, at the expense of THE EXHIBITOR, without requiring prior authorization. THE EXHIBITOR must consider the following when designing the Modules:
At Pavilions 1, 2, 3 and 4, the maximum permitted height for any decorative element is 3.50m; the Module face next to the neighbor module must be smooth, flat, solid and sober in white. The maximum height for companies renting a complete island indoors is 4.80m. For no reason, the established dimensions shall be exceeded. The minimum permitted area to build decorations is up to 4.80m, is 24m2 (04 Modules), and must have the approval of the design by the IIMP. In the external modules it should be noted that the maximum decoration height is 8.00m, it must have the design approval issued by THE IIMP. Pavilions 1, 2, 3 and 4 are build on wooden platform, covered by a thin carpet. The light posts placed at the border of the outdoor Modules cannot and should not be used by THE EXHIBITOR for decoration, support or advertisement.
The maximum weight the platform supports is two (02) kilos per cm2 of the support point. Is forbidden the use of elements of advertising, hot air balloons, inflatable elements, or similar elements, or lighting equipment, mobile heads or similar devices, which light beam or inflatable element trespasses the boundaries of each module. Is hereby certified that the use of elements of advertising, hot air balloons, inflatable elements, or similar elements must be previously approved by THE IIMP, according to the provisions stated herein. The start of the assembly (decoration) of the outdoor Modules will be as from 08.00 on Tuesday, September 1 and for indoor Modules will be as from 08.00 on Thursday, September 10. The end of the assembly (decoration) for all Modules will be on Sunday, September 17 at 18.00, after such time the cleaning and waster material removal will start. It is strictly forbidden the entry of items or to perform works of any kind for decoration or implementation of Modules from 00:00 on September 18, 2017, unless any exception expressly set forth herein.
THE EXHIBITOR must verify, before signing the Agreement, the posts drawing that will be provided by THE IIMP and that is duly registered on the Institute’s Website. In this sense, THE EXHIBITOR must specifically verify the existence of any post or roof support column of the selected Module, in order to take the necessary precautions.


THE EXHIBITOR that has rented indoor Modules must submit to THE IIMP the design they would like to apply to them before June 30, 2017 (architectural drawings, electrical and structural blueprints, duly signed by the responsible professionals) to be approved by THE IIMP. The design must respect the general harmony of the Event and shall comply with the previously stated provisions, and it is also forbidden to nail, paint, use clamps, pins or glue on the panels. Any modification will be at expense of THE EXHIBITOR. In the case of outdoor Modules, it is also mandatory to submit the design and architectural drawings, sanitary fittings, electrical and structural installations before the due date.


THE IIMP shall not be responsible for the failure to comply any of its obligations of acts of God or force majeure. For these purposes, acts of God or force majeure are understood as any non-attributable cause consistent in an extraordinary, unforeseeable and irresistible event, preventing the performance of the services or determining the late or defective partial compliance. Among such events are included fires, earthquakes, tremors, tsunamis, landslides, avalanches, floods, storms, heavy rains, explosions, armed conflicts or internal or external wars, civil commotions, blockades, acts of terrorism and sabotage, uncontrollable delays in transportation, strikes and lockouts, as well as any other similar or different cause, extending the current relationship is merely by way of example and not limitation, for which all events beyond the reasonable control of the parties and that could not have been foreseen or when foreseen, they could not be avoided are included. It is understood that this relationship is merely illustrative and not exhaustive, so is including all events beyond the reasonable control of the parties and could not have been planned or when they had been could not be avoided and for loss of or damage to samples, equipment, tools and decoration material of THE EXHIBITOR for accidents that may occur to the own or hired personnel, nor for damages that goods THE EXHIBITOR could cause to others or damage to the venue; during periods of assembly or construction, installation, operation of EXTEMIN and disassemble so it is a fundamental requirement that the assembly companies must have for their workers a supplemental insurance policy for Risky Work - (SCTR, for its name in Spanish) to be covered during assembly and disassemble of the modules, they also must have an Insurance Policy Liability against third parties in addition to providing special vigilance at all times.
THE IIMP shall not be liable for any failure of compliance of any payment or obligation by any concept of THE EXHIBITOR to his or her contractors or personnel. THE EXHIBITOR will be responsible for any damage or prejudice that he or she or his/her contractors or personnel cause to EXTEMIN facilities. The damages that may occur will be appraised by THE IIMP and paid by THE EXHIBITOR before removing his or her goods of the fair area. In the same manner, THE EXHIBITOR shall not be authorized to repair any damage, which shall be promptly notified to THE IIMP. It is responsibility of THE EXHIBITOR to daily remove, at the closure time of the exhibition, the equipment or hand held equipment (laptops, tablets and any other electronic devise of personal use, as well as any portable or removable object) since THE IIMP will not be held responsible for its loss, theft or damage, also THE IIMP shall not be responsible for any voltage surge or for the interruption of the electrical power, internet signal and drinking water.
THE EXHIBITOR will be solely responsible for the performance of the staff that he or she may use to implement the module and display of their products or goods, as well as damages resulting from the performance of such personnel. Also, THE EXHIBITOR will be the sole and exclusive responsible before the competent administrative authorities for breach of the legal and administrative obligations associated with his or her staff and display of products or goods; and consequently, THE EXHIBITOR agrees to indemnify THE IIMP by any administrative penalty or any kind arising from breach of such legal or administrative obligations.


THE EXHIBITOR shall send THE IIMP, on July 14, 2017 at the latest, the list with the full name and ID number of his or her personnel as well as the contractor’s personnel, in order to have the corresponding credentials to carry out the decoration, assembly and disassemble of the Module. These credentials will be sent together with the invitations to the Event.


The Agreement for Assignment for Use gives the right per Module, to one (01) registration to the Event, grants free access to the Mining Convention, EXTEMIN, commercial talks rooms (as long as the presenting company does not prevents the access) and social activities, “CONVENTIONIST Credentials”. Two (02) Credentials or Permanent Passes “EXTEMIN EXHIBITOR” grants free access to EXTEMIN during the fair days. Thirty (30) Invitations, valid for a single-access to the EXTEMIN fair area, six (06) per day. The “EXTEMIN EXHIBITOR” credential and the Invitations do not give the right to access the Convention area nor its social activities. It is a requirement, to complete a registration form for each participant indicating the category of registration (Conventionist Extemin, Extemin Exhibitor or Extemin Additional) and send it no later than May 31, 2017 to the Convention Registration Office. Without this information, THE IIMP cannot process your registration. The Invitations are valid only for access, and they will be sent duly in advance to the address stated on the Agreement in order to be distributed among your clients. In addition, the entrance of minors or pets is not allowed. In the case of international pavilions exhibitors, the Invitations will be sent to the International Operator of each country. CONVENTIONIST and EXTEMIN EXHIBITOR credentials are personal and not transferable and must be worn in sight at all times during the event. Access to the event is forbidden without a credential. Such credentials shall be collected at the Registration Office located at the main entrance of the fair area. For convenience, it is recommended to do it as from Tuesday, August 1 to 31 from 9:00 to 17:30, at the offices of IIMP, located at calle Los canarios 155-157, La Molina, in order to avoid congestion of the public in the city of Arequipa. It is mandatory to use the credential during all the days of the Event. The replacement of lost or stolen credential will have an additional cost of S /. 100.00 (One hundred and 00/100 Nuevos Soles).


He or she represents on any case, his or her area, the Head of EXTEMIN before THE EXHIBITOR and the public, and is the person in charge of supervising the compliance with EXTEMIN provisions during assembly, development, duration and disassemble at the Event.


The decoration and display material such as merchandise, packages, leaflets, equipment, laptops and others will be admitted to the site accompanied by an entry bill issued in triplicate by THE EXHIBITOR, which must be countersigned by the Head of Security appointed by THE IIMP without this document such material will not be allowed to entry. Also, this document is crucial to remove the material from the fair area upon conclusion of the event. Heavy trucks entry to the fair area is allowed only from September 1 to 10, from 08:30 to 16:00, no exceptions are allowed with respect to the above dates and times.
The maximum allowed load is of thirty (30) tons including the means of transport (load + truck). The presence of equipment or elements that may damage the venue infrastructure shall not be allowed.
Only workers wearing personal protection equipment, such as hard had, boots, gloves, harnesses, etc., will be allowed to enter to the fair area for assembly activities. THE EXHIBITOR will be the sole responsible of any harm his or her personnel, his or her contractors’ personnel or third party may suffer at the fair area, the Modules or areas used by other exhibitors or visitors, of any third party and goods.
It is recommended to have double-sided adhesive tape, fishing nylon thread or similar to the curtain hooks that allow the display elements to avoid damaging the interior walls of the indoor Modules. In all cases it is the responsibility of THE EXHIBITOR to have accessories, implements and tools needed for assembly. Due to strict compliance with safety and environmental protection standards, within the pavilions 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the fairground, the following construction works are not permitted: welding, spray painting, and the exhibitor must carry prefabricated components for the project and only the assembly, retouch and furnishing works are permitted. In case of breach, THE IIMP has the power to spot the work, and if the offending behavior continues, THE IIMP may terminate the agreement with THE EXHIBITOR, and the latter will lose the amounts paid to THE IIMP.
The end of the decoration works shall be on Sunday, September 17, 2017 at 18:00, after this time, a penalty shall apply to all the exhibitors, based on the following:

Such penalty shall be paid within the twenty-four (24) hours upon finishing the works.
Conditioning works during the exhibition time shall not be permitted, if THE EXHIBITOR needs it, he or she may continue only after the daily closing time, after coordinating with the Head of Pavilion, and the penalty would be of 20% on top of the value of the rented Modules that shall be paid within the twenty-four (24) hours upon finishing the works. All Modules must be kept built until the end of the exhibition, it is forbidden to remove any exhibited product or decorative elements.
It is forbidden to use portable radio apparatus, devices or equipment or other electronic equipment without prior approval of the Head of EXTEMIN, which operation could cause interference to telecommunications signals installed for the event.


The Module disassemble may be done as from Friday, September 22 from 14:00 to 23:00 (only light equipment, by hand or on mobile carts provided by THE IIMP; vehicles are not allowed to remove merchandise or goods. As from Saturday 23 and Sunday 24, September, from 7:00 to 20:00, vehicles may access to remove merchandise or goods.
Without taking circulation spaces, THE EXHIBITOR must disassemble the Module and leave the space under the same conditions received, in other words, all elements used in the construction of the module, in addition to the waste and discard any other element must be removed.
To remove any material from the fairground THE EXHIBITOR must fill out the “Merchandise Removal” Form, that will be distributed by the Heads of Pavilion before the end of the event. This document, as soon as is duly filled out, must be signed by the Head of the Pavilion upon verification and comparison with the entry bill of materials to the site, this is a mandatory requirement so the Event Security area clears the exit of the material THE EXHIBITOR.
After the dismantling period, all facilities, buildings, furniture, signs, etc. which have not been removed by THE EXHIBITOR, will be available to THE IIMP , which may freely dispose of them without refund and losing THE EXHIBITOR all rights upon them. THE IIMP shall invoice THE EXHIBITOR with a fine equivalent to 10% of the value of the rented area for damage, demolition or transportation, for this THE IIMP shall verify and attach photographs and the report of the cause origin of such fine.