The agreement includes the following per pre-decorated booth:
White melamine paneling.
High traffic floor carpet.
Wall paneling with exhibitor's name in vinyl sticker - 21 characters.
1 1Kw power outlet for indoors and 2KW power outlet for outdoors.
1 3 piece socket rail - with 60 watt bulbs each, dim light.
Basic Furniture:
1 white and chrome base round table with 0.80-meter diameter.
2 folding chairs, seat and back in PVC, black.
1 white credenza 0.45 X 0.45 x 0.70 meter high, door with key.
01 registration EXTEMIN CONVENTIONIST per booth.
02 registrations EXHIBIDOR EXTEMIN per booth.
30 invitation cards to Extemin, per booth (valid for a single entry).
Possibility of renting rooms of trade talks at specially priced.
Access to areas for business meetings, on request and according to availability.
Daily carpet vacuuming service. (View Regulations)
Security service 24 hours a day. (View Regulations)