International Room
09:30 - 09:40 Opening Session
Isabel Arias, Chairperson
International Meeting / PERUMIN 33 Mining Convention
Silvia Alfaro, General Director of Economic Promotion - General Directorate of Economic Promotion
Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Peru)
Nancy Lange, First Lady (Peru) (*)
09:40 - 11:40 Opening Session Canada
Gwyneth Kutz, Canada Ambassador in Peru
Discussion Session
Alexandra Laverdure, Trade Commissioner
Canadian Embassy in Peru
“Transforming the Metal Mining Industry”
Doug Morrison, Chairman & CEO
CEMI (Canada)
“The Canadian Mining Cluster - Competitiveness and Value Chains”
Ryan McEachern, Executive Director
CAMESE (Canada)
Todd Burns, Chairman
Cypher Environmental Ltd.
Jodie Davies, Marketing Manager
Motion Metrics International Corp.
Tony Caron, General Manager
L.A. and Quebec, MacLean Engineering
"Water, Mining and Sustainable Development - Ensuring Harmonious Relations Among Mining and Communities"
Bern Klein, Program Director - CIRDI (Canada)
11:40 - 12:00 COFFEE BREAK
Opening Session
Darryn Quayle, Mining Expert
Ministry for Foreing Trade of the United Kingdom
Discussion Session
“Culture Change within the context of safe operation implementation - benefit for all” “Culture change within the context of implementing safe operations – a win win situation”
Darryn Quayle, Mining Expert
Ministry for Foreing Trade of the United Kingdom
"Innovation in development clean technology in ore processing”
(Deep eutectic solvent for ionic liquids that will replace the use of cyanide and mercury)GawenJenkin, Senior Lecturer in Applied Geology
University of Leicester (UK)
"Development of the bio project of the Cambridge University in Nanotechnology to measure water components in rivers, lakes and land with real-time information without laboratory tests”
Eustace Barnes, Project Coordinator
Cavendish Laboratory / Cambridge University (United Kingdom)
13:30 - 15:00 FREE TIME FOR LUNCH
15:00 - 16:30 BLOCK: SWITZERLAND
Opening Session
Hans-Ruedi Bortis, Swiss Ambassador in Peru
Discussion Session
“Better Gold Initiative (BGI): Initiative summary, focused on three sustainability levels: economic, social and environmental”
Thomas Hentschel, BGI Director - Consult Project (Switzerland)
BGI: "Social-mining company Testimony"
Walter Reyes
SOTRAMI S.A. Mining Company (Peru)
BGI: "Social processing company Testimony"
Reto Steiner
Metalor Group (Switzerland)
"Lecture on Volunteer Principles"
Carlos Salazar Couto, Executive Director
Socios Perú (Peru)
16:30 - 17:00 COFFEE BREAK
17:00 - 18:30 BLOCK: AUSTRALIA
Opening Session
Nicholas McCaffrey, Australian Ambassador for Peru and Bolivia
Discussion Session
"The Australian Experience in Sustainability and Community Relations in the Mining Sector"
David Brereton, Researcher and Consultant
Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining - CSRM (Australia)
"The contribution of the Australian Technical Education for the Mining Sector”
Marie Hill, Commercial Advisor - Austrade Peru and Ecuador (Peru)
"Australian Mining Clusters and their application in South America”
Marie Hill, Commercial Advisor from Austrade Peru and Ecuador

(*) TBC / (**) To be defined